Loungewear is the new uniform

As we all adjust to the new norm of lockdown lifestyle we can appreciate the fact that we don't have to manically get ourselves dressed into work attire and pass through the morning rush hour. Either on a public train where your personal space doesn't exist, or in your car stuck on the M25 not knowing how long it will take to clear up. 

Well one thing we can agree is that as much as we miss normality, it is pretty nice to work from home and be able to do it in the comfort of our loungewear. No need to iron shirts, force yourself into fitted clothing and walk in heeled shoes, simply slide into a tracksuit and get crack a lacking!

Whilst there is still uncertainty on how long these measures will stay in place, why don't you make the most of this new comfortable lifestyle by widening your loungewear work wardrobe. Do not take this time for granted because you might be back on the train in a tight suit with that stranger breathing down your neck before you know it.

So take full advantage of our luxurious tracksuits and loungewear sets and stay swaggy!

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